Avoid These Mistakes To Sell Your Home Fast

These Mistakes Will Cost You Thousands When You Sell Your Austin Home Fast

Selling your home is one of the most difficult ventures you will undertake.? A few common mistakes can make it one of the most painful as well.? If you are considering selling your house now, make sure you avoid these three pitfalls.

1. Pricing your home

The housing market changes rapidly, and deciding an appropriate price when first listing a home can be very difficult.? Sellers should evaluate the price asked for similar houses in the market.? Think about the competition and determine whether you are asking a competitive price.? Remember that if you underprice your home, potential buyers can engage in a bidding war which should drive the price higher.? If you overprice your home, even a single buyer might be unlikely.

2. Staging your home

Though it?s tempting to hope that buyers will be able to overlook clutter, kids, and smells, each of these make the house seem unappealing and more run down than it actually is.? If the buyer thinks it will take a significant amount of work just to make the house livable, any offers that come will likely be much lower than hoped.? Spending some time cleaning, getting rid of worn out furniture, and touching up paint can have a substantial impact not only on the perceived value of the home, but also on how quickly it sells.? Anyone who wants to sell homes fast would do well to work on the look of the house from the curb through the whole house. Check out our previous post about staging your home to sell.

3. Poor advertising

In an increasingly digital world, newspaper advertisements are no longer enough to get the word out about a new house.? Sites like Realtor.com, Craigslist, and even YouTube can be effective tools if used properly.? Especially important is how you show your house.? Using a high quality wide-angle lens camera can make your home look bigger and more inviting.? A bad picture can sour a prospective buyer before he?s even thought about visiting.? YouTube or similar sites can allow potential buyers to conduct a virtual tour and start falling in love with the house immediately. Making your house as visible as possible will allow you to potentially find your buyer.

In addition to making sure you avoid any of the pitfalls above, be sure to consider all of your selling options. Before you lose money by having your house sit on the market, consider selling options like investor deals or cash buyers. I Buy Austin Houses, an Austin home buyer, will buy your Austin-area home regardless of condition because we are able to evaluate the potential each home has even if it is in disrepair. Follow the tips above and in our other Sell Home Fast blog posts or contact us today for more information about how to sell your house for cash.

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