Keeping your Home Clutter-free

This guest post from Matt at SpareFoot, the storage unit marketplace, provides some great tips about how to keep your home free of clutter which will allow you to live more comfortably and could help you when it comes time to sell your home or move. Removing clutter and any items that personalize your home to you is our first tip for staging your home to sell fast. Read on for Matt?s tips on home organization.

Everyone has lofty ambitions of home organization, but not many can accomplish it. We all say that one day we will get organized, and then before you know it ten years has gone by and everything is still a mess. And what happens if all of the sudden you decide to move? How will you approach this situation now that the clock is ticking? Bring on the migraines.

People who manage to stay organized have never experienced this sense of panic, and they are lucky. But how do they do it? What is their secret? Well, a select few are just naturally good at keeping things in order, but most require the helping hand of a self-storage facility. Renting a self-storage unit is by far the best way to keep your home clutter-free.

It always seems as though there is never enough room to put all your belongings, probably due to the fact that people don?t have the heart to throw away items that were once precious to them even if they serve no purpose now. Even if you are living in a mess, you still can?t find it in you to throw anything out. That being the case, most people?s best scenario is a clutter-less home with an overstuffed garage.

Instead of spreading the mess of a renovation all over your house, or in your garage, rent a small unit from one of your local Austin self-storage companies. Keep all of the things you can’t get everyday use of out of the way until you have found a purpose for them. Placing your unused items in cheap storage units can help cut down on the visual chaos of a messy house, and it also gives you an opportunity to take a mental break from the stress.

Listed below are a few tips for achieving home and garage organization, the divide and conquer way.

  • First, before you can conquer, you must divide. This means separating the ?keepables? from the ?unkeepables? and using a judicious eye to identify belongings that should be given or thrown away.
  • Second, conquer. Identify what you need and segregate what you don?t need. These are the items you?ll be putting into storage.
  • Finally, pack things logically. Don?t just throw everything into a box. By packing things in an organized manner and labeling boxes, you?ll make it much easier to find something.

Putting the home you’re living in in order can be one of the most stressful things you do as an adult. However, you can minimize the chaos and relieve some of the tension in your home by taking advantage of cheap storage units.

This article was written by Matt Schexnayder. Matt is on the SpareFoot marketing team and writes for the SpareFoot blog. SpareFoot is the largest online marketplace for self-storage with more than 5,000 self-storage facilities listed nationwide.?

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