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Customer Testimonials

Providing total customer satisfaction from our initial conversation with you to the closing table is our goal -- and it shows! Below is a selection of testimonials from some of our happy Austin area customers:

I became acquainted with I Buy Austin Homes in 2011 and during this time I have also referred two of my friends. My friends are constantly thanking me for introducing them to I Buy Austin Houses. On several occasions we have discussed our experience with I Buy Austin Houses and we agree that the process was amazingly stress free,documents easy to understand and most of all I Buy Austin Houses made us feel that it was not about them. They were more concern about our satisfaction without over the top cost. I recommend that if you are trying to sell property or assisting a friend or family member.

? Robbie S. (Austin, TX)

My elderly mother had to be placed into a convalescent facility unexpectedly and it was soon evident she would not be capable of returning to her home. My brother lived out of state and I worked a considerable distance from my mother's property and we were concerned how to adequately sell our mother's home in a time frame allowing her to access the funding for the facility she required. By good fortune, I met Mr. Grote and he agreed to visit the home for an appraisal and consideration. The professionalism he displayed along with a calming concern for our situation immediately eased my anxiety. Mr. Grote offered a fair and equitable amount for her home and an agreeable closing date. Because of the Grote's efforts I was able to concentrate on taking care of my mother rather than the usually grueling task of home sale. Our family will always be grateful to them for their professionalism, care and trustworthiness.

? Phillip B. (Austin, TX)

I Buy Austin Houses is truly a family business that exhibits the highest standards of integrity, quality and client care that are, many times, lacking in this industry. Jason Grote and his family each share in the responsibilities of the company from acquisition, to marketing, to accounting to provide a seamless transition for a home seller or prospective buyer. Not just concerned with the bottom line, their projects have the extra amenities that truly make a house a home. From a professional standpoint, they make decisions quickly, communicate their desires effectively and treat everyone, from their contractor to their vendors, with respect.

? Joe C. (Austin, TX)

Jason and his crew were very nice and thoughtful through this process. It was tough for us to let my parents home go, but they made the process much easier to handle. Thank you.

? Kathy S. (Austin, TX)

Recently, I received an out of state job offer (promotion) and wished to sell my home quickly and in a straightforward manner. The folks at "I Buy Austin Houses" were honest, fair, and easy to work with. If for any reason you don't wish to use the traditional route of putting your house "on the market", "I Buy Austin Houses" is the BEST choice in the Austin area. Not only did we receive a fair price for the property with quick and easy closing, "I Buy Austin Houses" worked with my family's schedule of move out date.

? James M. (Austin, TX)

I Buy Austin Houses is very low key & easy to deal with. They are very understanding about different situations & have the ability to buy your Austin Home fast. I was amazed at how quickly the whole process happened. These Folks know their stuff.

? Chris N. (Austin, TX)

Jason really helped me out with my housing questions!

? James F. (Austin, TX)

When we decided to sell my deceased fathers home I saw it was going to need quite a bit of of upgrading?. Not having the funds to do the needed upgrades etc., I contacted Jason. It was a pleasure working with him. He made an offer that was fair and honest. He handled everything smoothly and we closed on it in 30 days. I highly recommend Jason and I Buy Austin Houses.

? John F. (Austin, TX)

Our family was in need of selling a home quickly. Jason Grote, with I Buy Austin Houses, was able to help us move the property very quickly & at a fair price.

? Kenneth T. (Austin, TX)

I am writing you concerning the sale on my house at the beginning of this year. I want to let you know how much I appreciate how easy & simple you made the sale of my first property. Mr. Grote you were very informative & patient with me. I had a wonderful experience & have faith in saying that anyone in the future you initiate real-estate business with will have a similar if not even better experience than I did. Great customer service is the base behind any successful sale/purchase & being knowledgeable is the next thing that matters and you accomplished both with excellence.

? Jennifer H. (Austin, TX)

I was graduating law school and moving to Houston, so I needed to sell my house. I initially started working with a realtor, but it was just too much hassle. Between trying to find an honest contractor to do some minor repair work, trying to get my house ready for showing, and trying to finish school I just did not have time to deal with everything. Jason came to house, made a very fair offer, and that was it. We closed 2 weeks later. There was no hassle at all and I ended up making nearly as much money as I would have with realtor. I can not recommend I Buy Austin Houses enough.

? Jason B. (Austin, TX)

I moved away from Texas and needed to sell my house in Austin, but didn't have the time or resources to fix it up into a sellable condition. Fortunately, I found 'I Buy Austin Houses' and Jason Grote gave me a fair price for the house with no hassle on my part. Thanks!

? Micah N. (Austin, TX)

Jason thank you for all your help and expertise through this process. You guys are the real deal and we can't thank you enough for your help and Real Estate guidance!

? Sean H. (Austin, TX)

Needed to sell our house quick and be to a new job in another state within three weeks and Jason made it happen. Everything went smoothly and as they said it would. We would not hesitate contacting Jason again.

? Brian K. (Austin, TX)

I needed to sell my house after a divorce and found Jason?s company on the internet and called, we made an appointment within 3 days, and I gave Jason my asking price. Within a week we agreed on a price that worked for both of us and we closed on the deal within 30 days and avoided me making another house payment. It was a quick, and painless process, I highly recommend I Buy Austin Houses to all who are looking to sell their home. Jason Grote and his team were very personal and understanding with all my needs.

? Edward O. (Austin, TX)

Very pleasant experience. We have purchased two homes and sold one home by skipping the long drawn out process. This company is honest, fast and super easy to work with on ALL matters. I would most definitely recommend Friends & Family to use I Buy Austin Houses for future business transactions. Kudos to Jason Grote.

? David R. (Austin, TX)

With the passing of my mom, selling the family hone was a very difficult decision. She had lived there for 24 years and keeping up with the maintenance and current home styles wasn't easy. ?I'd looked at selling it through an agency, but quickly came to realize the cost and time to update the house would take a significant amount of time and expense. ?I reached out to a few individuals that offered to buy the house As Is, but Jason and his group seemed to offer what the others did not; an understanding that this is not use brick and mortar but my family's memories. ?The process was quick and a fair price was offered that, frankly, reflected what I would have received after I had done all the work to get it ready for sale. ?Today, I smile knowing someone will enjoy our family home just as much as we did.

? Peg K. (Austin, TX)

After my Dad passed away, my siblings and I set out on the emotional journey of selling the house that we had known as a home and safe haven for over 50 years.Jason made this journey so much more bearable. Instead of asking the usual cold questions most of the others were asking, Jason wanted to know about our time in the house, the family gatherings, and the love we shared in my parent's home. Jason showed us that this was more than about making money for him, and that would have made my parents very happy. Thank you Jason, for turning what was an emotional event into a chance to share the memories of a loving family home with you.

? Russell L. (Austin, TX)

It was a pleasure working with Jason. He was very understanding and patient. He made a very fair offer for our home and even though we didn't go thru with our offer after much consideration and prayer,I would definitely recommend him to our friends and family. If in the future I am ever in the same situation of needing to sell my home without the hassles of selling on the market, Jason would be the first person I would call. Thank you Jason.

? Yolanda I. (Austin, TX)


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